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Title Compatibility Description Author Source
browserhax 2.1 to 10.1 Exploit for the 3DS web browser yellows8 Git
ironhax 9.5 to 10.2 Exploit for the game IronFall: Invasion. Smealum
MSET exploit 4.1 to 4.5
N3DS: 9.0 to 9.2
Exploit for the System Settings application (MSET). Used by Gateway-3DS since flashcart firmware v1.x. "NEW" 3DS (N3DS) users can use the MSET Exploit by installing the old System Settings app from 3ds ver 4.5 over the existing one via the .CIA provided in newer GateWay Omega packages. ichfly (Darkfader on NDS)
ninjhax Version1: 4.5 to 9.2
Version2: 9.0 to 10.1
Exploit for the game Cubic Ninja. Smealum Git
spider exploit Gateway: 2.0.0-7 to 9.2.0-20
Homebrew: 2.0.0-7 to 9.5.0-22
Exploit for the Nintendo 3DS web browser (spider). Used by Gateway since flashcart firmware v3.0.
Used by homebrew like Regionthree.
MathewE, Gateway(?)
oot3dhax Version1: 2.0 to 9.2
Version2: 9.2 to 10.1
Save game exploit for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Also used by Gateway since flashcart firmware v3.1.0 to add N3DS support. It also can be installed trough ootsdhax installer. yellows8 Git
smashbroshax 9.0 to 10.1 Exploit for the game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Also works with the demo version. yellows8 Git
themehax (homemenuhax) 9.0 to 10.1 Exploit for the custom theme feature of the home menu. yellows8 Git
tubehax 9.0 to 10.1 Exploit by Smealum for the YouTube application for 3DS. No longer works on any firmware. Smealum