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NH2 = Works with Ninjhax 2 / Tubehax / Ironhax / OotHax / SmashbrosHax

Homebrew Loaders Title Launchers File Browsers Math Media players Shells System Tools Utilities Other applications

Homebrew Loaders

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Homebrew Emergency Launcher Emergency launcher to be used if no other launchers work mashers Thread
Homebrew Loader ARM9 homebrew kalimero
Spider3DSTools Yifan Lu Thread
The Homebrew Launcher Official Ninjhax Homebrew Launcher. Smealum, GEMISIS

Title Launchers

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
HANS Loads games with patches to allow for region free, ROM hacks and screenshots. Smealum Git
regionFOUR Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/new3DS on firmware versions 9.0-10.1. Smealum Thread Git
regionthree Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.5. Smealum Thread Git
Y.A.R.U. (Yet Another Regionfree Utility) Region free cartridge loader for Palantine CFW/Emunand Rinnegatamante Thread

File Browsers

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS File Explorer Mount SD card and list files Ernilos Post Mega
CTRXplorer An open source SD file manager. d0k3 Thread Git
ORGANIZ3D A simple file browser written in LUA. Rinnegatamante Thread
SDBrowser Files lister for 3DS. Lectem Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Binary --> Decimal Converter Converts an entered binary number to its decimal equivalent AlbertoSONIC et al. Thread Git
Graphing Calculator Graphical calculator. flarn2006 Thread Git
Super Simple Calculator Calculator for simple math operations CKlidify Thread
Simple Calc Another calculator for simple math operations. GalladeGuy Thread

Media players

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DSAmnesic Video player (POC) Lectem Thread Git
3DSurfer Wav player, written with LPP. Rinnegatamante Thread
CTR Streaming Server A 3DS homebrew audio/video playback server. yellows8 Git
3ds-vgmstream A port of vgmstream for the 3ds with a simple text based player TricksterGuy Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Sunshell Multifunction shell written in LUA. Contains a variety of useful tools including an SD file manager, extdata dump/restore tool, and media players. Rinnegatamante Thread Git

System Tools

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Homemenu ExtdataTool Nintendo 3DS homebrew application for accessing SD extdata used by Home Menu. yellows8 Git
3DS Ram Dumper Dump RAM to file Palantine
BigBlueMenu Improved version of DevMenu. No link provided here. BigBlueBox
Big Red Menu Used to manage installed cia files on NAND. Rinnegatamante Thread
braindump Dump decrypted contents (both ExeFS and RomFS) of any 3DS game. neobrain Thread Git
CoinSetter Official SDK Tool. No link provided here. Set the amount of play coins. Nintendo
Custom Home Menu Manager 2 (CHMM2) Allows viewing and changing of custom Home menu themes. Rinnegatamante 1.0 2.0 Git
DevMenu Official SDK tool. No link provided here. Used to manage installed cia files on NAND. Nintendo
Diagnos3 Check the functionailty of your 3DS. Tcm0 (FUK-Team) Thread
EmuNAND9 EmuNAND SD formatter & manager d0k3 Thread Git
eShop Music Changer Change the Nintendo eShop background music Ptrk25 Thread Git
Extdata dump Dump, edit and restore Extra Data stored on SD Card. MrCheeze Thread
FBI CIA Installer Steveice10 Thread Git
FCRamDump Dump RAM to file Kane49
GYTB Add custom badged to your 3DS MrCheeze Thread
HexDump Display RAM dump on screen as hex value Ernilos
JK3DSTool User friendly save manger for quick and easy save swaping. JK_ Thread
NASA Universal CIA manager for firmware 4.1 - 10.3 Rinnegatamante Thread
NVRAM Flash Manager Wifi NVRAM/SPI Flash dumper/restorer Rinnegatamante Thread
Playcoin Allows modifying the 3DS Play Coin counter, for Ninjhax/3dsx users. MrCheeze Git
RAM Dumping Dump RAM to file. Fierce Waffle
SaveDataFiler Official SDK Tool. No link provided here. Edit save data. Nintendo
save_manager Manage save files. profi200 Thread
SOON! (Super cOOl iNstaller!) Very easy to use automatic CIA-Installer Chelsea_Fantasy Thread
svdt Manage save files. meladroit Thread Git
UpdateSupresser Removes update nag Giantblargg Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DSController Use your 3DS console as Windows controller (sends data to keyboard, joypad and mouse). CTurt Thread Git
3DS Homebrew Browser Browse and install homebrew directly from your 3DS. cromo and Zeta0134 Git
3DS Motion 3DS Paint with added Stop-Motion animation support norips Thread Git
3DS Multi Decryptor Decrypts and creates XORPads for game's ROM files and SD card files. (Previously named 3DS CTR Decryptor) Team VOiD (sbJFn5r, relys, xerpi) Git
3DS Paint Drawing program AlbertoSONIC Thread Git
3DS Remote Desktop Stream Windows computer's screen to 3DS and send 3DS input to Windows. Retrozelda Thread
3DS Quick Shutdown Shut down your 3DS daxtsu Thread Git
3DS Wifi Toggle Turn Wifi on or off daxtsu Thread Git
3DText Simple text file viewer. DarkFlare69 Thread Git
Alarm Clock A basic alarm clock 730 Thread Included
BMP Loader Load a specific converted BMP format. Ernilos Post
Checkmii Checks what buttons are pressed Darkrevol Thread
Decrypt9 Decryption and dumping tools (XORpad) 9.2 and below Archshift, d0k3, Shadowtrance Thread Git Git Git
DownloadMii Dicontinued. Browse and install homebrew directly from your 3DS. filfat Thread Git
edpJoy3DS edpJoy client for 3DS edicpop Thread
Fake Brick Shows a fake brick screen flarn2006 Thread
fb43ds Facebook's chat Client. Lino Maglione (jocopoco) Thread Git
Font Viewer View fonts from your SD card Jwiz33 Thread
For Anyone Who Walks A Lot Awards play coins for steps beyond 1000 iamevn Thread Git
ftbrony FTP Server (My Little Pony themed) mtheall Thread Git
FTP-3DS Fork of ftbrony that is Nintendo themed iamevn Thread Git
ftpony FTP Server Smealum Git
MapleIRC IRC Client titegtnodI Thread
NinjaCam Camera without shutter sound Rinnegatamante Thread
PCHex PKHex (Pokémon save editor) in homebrew form Stracker Thread Git
PCHex++ PCHex rewritten in C++ and with a GUI Slashcash Thread Git
PHBank Pokémon Homebrew Bank Gocario Thread
Quick Reboot Reboots the Nintendo 3DS console. AlbertoSONIC Thread Git
screenshot-merge Merges screenshots taken with ninjhax 2.5 or NTR CFW ihaveamac Thread Git
SmashBrosDummy A dummy application that simply exits as soon as it can. Used to exit increased memory mode from games like Super Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter. daxtsu Thread Git

Other applications

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Linux loader Boots Linux xerpi Thread Git
3DS Nyan Cat 3DS Nyan Cat using LIBSF2D. markwinap Thread
Bird Whisperer Notification center, built with Lua ElyosOfTheAbyss Thread
ctrµLua Lua interpreter for 3DS, part of µLua Firew0lf, Reuh, Negi Git
DDexter Pokedex application for 3DS ddraco Thread Git
Dice 3DS Roll some dice keanutah Thread
Koopa Cruiser (WIP) Web Browser jsa Thread Git
Lua Player Plus Lua interpreter for 3DS, port from PSP Lua Player Plus. Rinnegatamante & _Nanni Thread Git
Manga Reader Manga/Comics Reader for 3DS MyLegGuy Thread
Pictochat3D Pictochat clone for 3DS Tjessx Thread
VN3DS Visual Novel Interpreter dfsa3fdvc1 Thread