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Maybe we could separate Demoscene (visually interesting like mandelbrot or Munching Squares) from plain Homebrew tests (like hello world and input tests)


Title Description Author
3DS Homebrew Demo Make a black screen by filling each pixel with black. Write text on screen. - ARM9 homebrew Snailface
3DS Homebrew Touch - ARM9 homebrew Snailface
3DS Life Increase/decrease random cells spawn speed Temporary Link Helreizer543
3dsmandelbrot Arm11 homebrew. Mandelbrot, with zoom function xantoz
3DS-PAD Test the buttons and touch screen - ARM9 homebrew Nop90
8bitPlasma a Color palette shifting demo. Temp Link Spinal_cord
Citra-hwtests homebrew test suite for Citra 3DS emulator. Temporary Link archshift, Citra-emu team
Console demo Create multiple consoles and print to them with a minimal version of printf/sprintf. - ARM9 homebrew Kalimero
Game of Life basic implementation of Conway's Game of Life Link JensRenders
Input test Tests buttons - ARM9 homebrew Nop90
KSketch Etch a sketch - Move letter 0 (zero) on screen using D-pad, set color with L/R. thekman
Mandelbrot ARM9 (launcher.dat) Mandelbrot homebrew. Aliakr18 and Snailface
Munching Squares A Munching Squares demo. A mod (or v2?) has been done named XOR Fractal. cedeckovec
Particule Demo - ARM11 homebrew YourNerdyJoe
Reggie-Demo Print a bmp picture converted to .h Temp. Link TricksterGuy
Screen Colour and Font Test Displays a fake Gateway 3DS brick screen - ARM9 homebrew Pong20302000