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Console Handheld Arcade Computer


Title Description Author Thread Source
blargSnes Super Nintendo StapleButter Thread Git
3DNES Nintendo Entertainment System st4rk Thread
FCEUMM3DS Nintendo Entertainment System; port of FCEUMM Steveice10 Thread
Nestopia Nintendo Entertainment system Temp Link (dead) Steveice10 Thread


Title Description Author Thread Source
3DGB Gameboy / Gameboy Color st4rk
3DSGBA Gameboy Advance. vba-next port Steveice10 Git
3DSGBemu Gameboy / Gameboy Color seagal112
Cinoop Gameboy. CTurt Git
CitrAGB Gameboy Advance. Port of GPSP, Game Boy Advance emulator created by Exophase for the PSP. shinyquagsire23 Thread
GameYob 3DS Gameboy / Gameboy Color Drenn Thread Git
Handy 3DS Atari Lynx nop90, munchluxe63 Thread Git
Neopop Neogeo pocket. Port of Neopop Emulator seagal112 Thread
r3Ddragon Virtual Boy. mrdanielps Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
Phoenix Arcade Emulator Phoenix Arcade Emulator seagal112 Thread
Space invaders Space invaders seagal112


Title Description Author Thread Source
3DOS 8086(DOS) shutterbug2000 Thread
Chip8-ARM11 Chip-8 st4rk Git
Chip8-CTRU Yeah, another Chip8 emulator! YourNerdyJoe Git
3DS-Chip8 Chip-8 (in ARM9) st4rk
CHIP-3DS Chip-8 xerpi
CHIP8 3DS Chip-8 snailface