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Name Description Autor(s)
LibPS3GUI Wii graphical library from Tantic, ported by Giantpune to PS3. Giantpune

Media players

Name Description Autor(s)
Showtime Home Theater System Media player, support 1080p, subtitle and audio stream choice. No DVD/Bluray/AC3/DTS support. Andoma (Andreas Öman)
Multi Manager Andoma's Showtime is now included in MultiMan since v1.16.15. Dean
Simple AVCHD Manager Old MultiMan name. AVCHD player was included in MultiMan first release. Dean

Operating systems

Name Description Autor(s)
AsbestOS Linux Marcan
OtherOS++ Linux (based on Graf_Chokolo work) Geoffrey Levand
Petitboot Linux Graf_Chokolo

System tools

Name Description Autor(s)
Awesome Peek Poker Awesome Peek Poker is a hombrew application that allows you to view/edit the lvl2 memory on the PS3 during runtime! NZHawk
BDROM-reset Clear the game mounted in memory using a game manager to get access back to the real Blu-ray drive.
It removes path redirections and bd-mirror map, re-mount usb device and moves PS3_GAME back to its original folder.
Blu-Ray Region Changer Change your Bluray video region temporarily by patching the console memory using Kmeaw's Lv2 patcher. KureKure
Cert push This will put CA24.cer in the proper folder for you. NZHawk Enable dev_flash writing access. jjolano
Fix permissions Fix file access and execution permissions. (Hermes to PL3 fix) Unknown author
FreeFlash Enable dev_flash writing access. Waninkoko
Juicy Fix Memory patching to allow Pkg installation when using older payload. Use for PSGroove/PSFreedom/PL3 if PKG installation doesn't work automatically. Unknown author
Lv2 patcher Patches Lv2 Kmeaw
Mount Alejandro Enable dev_flash writing access. JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma
OtherOS Prep Tool Prepare and resize the PS3 vflash and install petitboot to allow installation of OtherOS. It does not install Linux, it only prepare the vflash. Team Rebug
package Enabler Enable/disable "Install package file" on PS3 OFW/CFW axtux
Package Manager Patch the Package menu to add install/uninstall and external/internal pkg storing path. Team rebug
PS ID Patch Modify the PSN ID and the ConsoleID stoker25
Version Spoofer spoof the Firmware version number Team Rebug
xReg plus Edit the PS3 registry and manage the DLC licenses, like re-activating DLC if the console licenses has been deactivated. Cyberskunk


Name Description Autor(s)
BlackB0x FTP FTP Server Team Blackb0x
Boot OtherOS++ Launch Petitboot to boot linux partition installed on vflash. Team Rebug
Comgenie Awesome Filemanager File Manager Comgenie
Cover Manager Manager with 3D covers Jurai2
CFWLoad Custom Firmware Loader, redirect dev_flash and app_home to USB. stoker25
DragonFTP FTP server DarkHacker
EraseMe Play log cleaner Chossy
Homebrew Pkg Repository (HPR) Homebrew Browser Kmeaw
LogJam - Intelligent Log Stealthing Play log cleaner/creator. Ben Jeremy
Lv1Dumper Dumps Lv1 Flukes1
MultiMan Multi Manager includes : FTP server and File manager along with Backup manager and video support. Dean
Open PS3 FTP FTP Server jjolano
PS3 FTP Server FTP Server unknown author
PS3 IRC Client IRC client for PS3. Samson
PS3 Messenger Launch ebuddy as a home page. Samson
PS3 Minimal firmware checker It gives your minimal firmware version you can downgrade to. It corresponds to the first installed firmware version you had when you bought your console. Comes in the form of a PS3 firmware update file. Tito1
PS3 Model Detection Finds PS3 model rms
PSHomebrew Homebrew browser, manager and downloader. Darkhacker
PSNinja Play log cleaner/creator. smokin
PSVibe Control your controller's vibrations jjolano
SuiteApp Text and png file reader Fábio Ferreira
USBFirmLoader Custom Firmware Loader, read extracted dev_flash content from USB. JaiCrab
Wipe History Play log cleaner smokin

Other applications

Name Description Autor(s)
Lua player Lua interpreter Frank Buß, Joachim Bengtsson and David Perry

Backup Managers

Name Description Autor(s)
AVCHD/Game manager/File manager multiMAN's old name. Dean
Awesome Mountpoint Manager Allows any folder/device to be mounted disk. NZHawk
Backup Manager Original Backup Manager for PS3 PS Jailbreak Team
Backup Manager 1.x Original Backup Manager for PS3 with compatibility fixes and better load times. Modded by Hermes. PS Jailbreak Team, Hermes
Flex Manager Netflix styled backup manager. khaosjimena, 0o_shelak_o0, Cuberata and Charlo
Gaia Manager Backup manager that supports 3.41 and 3.55 and autopatching. drizztbsd
GxMod Loader Backup manager developed with PSL1GHT and Tiny3D. French only. TheTool
Hmanager Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager based on PSL1GHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP. Only for 3.41. Hermes
Iris Manager A port of HManager for 3.55 drizztbsd
Multi Manager Multi Manager is a multi functions tool : a Backup Manager, Video player (Showtime port by Andoma is now integrated since 1.16.15), FTP server and File manager. Dean
Open Copy Install Homebrew provided with Open Manager 2, it's used to manage games, Create or Copy games from and to internal/external HDD. It doesn't launch or mount games in memory. Wuepe
Open Manager Open source back up manager Anonymous Author
Open Manager 1.x Open source back up manager updated by moh.sakhaii moh.sakhaii
Open Manager 2 Open source back up manager updated by Elotrolado Elotrolado forum / Wuepe
Pretty Manager Manager based on Open Manager with different interface,graphics and functions Jurai2
Rogero Manager Manager based on Open Manager and its modifications with its own set of new functions. Rogero
Sexy Manager Manager based on Pretty Manager with updates. Jurai2
Simple AVCHD Manager Zoner
Small Loader Creates PKG to allow easy booting of games. Zouzz
[email protected] Manager Manager based on Open Manager 2 I-2, with a different interface. Could be in violation of the synaps3's GPL License. Neox3


Name Description Autor(s)
3D Robot Demo This demo utilizes OpenGL, PSL1GHT, and ooPo's toolchain, to draw and animate, a 3D mech-type robot. PSL1GHT OpenGL 3D Demo 2 jonlimle
Cairo Cairo is a programming library that makes it easy to draw to an array of pixels. This demo shows Cairo capability ported to PSL1GHT SDK. phiren
Geohot's first homebrew First signed homebrew (geohot_1st.self distributed along with a Lv2diag.self) Geohot
Mandelbrot The graphics demo, named Mandelbrot, draws fractal graphics to the screen. Darkmath
Neo Tanks A 3D screensaver-like with tanks. You can take control of one tank. ThatOtherPerson
PSL1GHT OpenGL 3D Demo 1 An OpenGL 3D ball rotation. Jonlimle
RollerCoaster An OpenGL and PSL1GHT demo of a roller coaster. PSL1GHT OpenGL 3D Demo 3 jonlimle



Name Description Autor(s)
BD-J Nes emulator
FCEU PS3 Nintendo's NES emulator
GenesisPlus GX Sega's Genesis emulator Anonymous
Nestopia Nintendo's NES Emulator. Released with Gambatte emulator
Mednafen Robo Hobo's Multiple emulators (gameboy, gba, virtual boy, genesis/megadrive, snes, nes, PCE CD, TG16, etc.)
nullDC Sega's Dreamcast emulator drk||Raziel
PCE NEC's PCEngine's emulator
PS364 Nintendo 64 emulator. Team EmulateMii (sepp256, Tepola and emu_kidid)
PS3SX Sony's Playstation 1 emulator. Pcsx port on PS3 using PS3 SDK and psl1ght SDK (it's a hybride for the pre-release) Anonymous
Snes9x Nintendo's SNES emulator.
Stella Multi-Platform Atari 2600 VCS Emulator Robo Hobo
Yabause Sega's Saturn emulator


Name Description Autor(s)
DeSmuME PS3 Nintendo's DS emulator. Anonymous
Gambatte Nintendo's Gameboy color emulator. Released with Nestopia emulator.
Visual Boy Advance Nintendo's Gameboy Advance and Gameboy color Emulator

Arcade emulators

Name Description Autor(s)
FBANext PS3 Final Burn Alpha port
psmame MAME port for PS3. Robo Hobo


Name Description Autor(s)
DosBox Port of DosBox, a Microsoft's MSDos emulator, for the PS3 Robo Hobo
e-uae PS3 Amiga emulator, based on Unix Amiga Emulator.
Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator Robo Hobo
PS3Roar TRS-80 Color Computer 1&2 and Dragon_32/64 emulator. CrashSerious
VICE Versatile Commodore Emulator TimRex



Name Description Autor(s)
Avoidance Move your sprite and avoid other moving sprites on screen. ThatOtherPerson
Bomberman HD 1080p
Cascade Beneath Try to escaping through holes from scrolling platforms. ThatOtherPerson
Don't get crushed ThatOtherPerson
Pongus Pong game clone made using PSL1GHT CodeZombie
Scogger Port of his own Scogger homebrew game to PS3. (Scogger is a port of Frogger). Scognito
Spin Pong

Game engine

Name Description Autor(s)
Heretic & Hexen Heretic and Hexen files interpreter. Hermes
PrBoom A port of Doom engine using the sdcell library. Robo Hobo
PS3 Doom A port of Doom engine. xtaateli
ScummVM PS3 ScummVM is a point & click game interpreter, mostly for Lucas art games. lousyphreak


Name Description Autor(s)
FreeDroid Port of original C64 Paradroid shoot'em up/puzzle game. mc_ (Marcus)
Maze Generator Find the exit of the maze. The mazes are generated randomly. ThatOtherPerson
The Humble Homebrew Collection A collection of puzzle games. This is a port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection. Ported to PS3 by KaKaRoTo


Name Description Autor(s)
Neo Race

Role playing

Name Description Autor(s)
The Unmapped Forest A-RPG game. ThatOtherPerson
Untitled RPG Project 3D environment game. ThatOtherPerson


Name Description Autor(s)
Cubicle Shooter
They Do Not Die 2 Sequel to the zombie's shooter game "They Do Not Die". ThatOtherPerson


Name Description Autor(s)
Free Heros 2 Heroes of Might and Magic II clone KaKaRoTo


Name Description Autor(s)
Connect by , ported by GiantPune using LibPS3Gui
Goodbye World A ship moving in a space world. No real objective, just move around. ThatOtherPerson
Pintor Hermes Game Fail0verflow Hermes

Homebrew loaders

Name Description Autor(s)
B0xLoader Launch fake signed .self files. Team Blackb0x
PS3Load Wiiload port to send and launch .(s)elf through network. Works with Wiiload application on computer's side.

See also

PC Utilities

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Name Description Autor(s)
Awesome Update Finder
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PS3 Exploits

Currently mixed with Dongle+Payload, real exploit (Geohot's exploit), and a downgrade method.

It needs better idea, or individual page.

Name Description Autor(s)
PS3 Exploit (Geohot first exploit)
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