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Title Description Author Thread Source
JNUSLib Java library to manage NUS content from different sources (CDN, WUD, etc.) Maschell Thread git
LibIOSUHax A PPC library to access IOSUHAX from PPC and a devoptab for any device or path. Dimok Thread git
LibWiiU multi users git
LibWiiUGUI (temp name) GUI using GX2 Dimok not released

Code snippet

Title Description Author Thread Source
WiiU Keyboard A Keyboard code source to include in your projects cmdj13 Thread Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
Bin2mpy Bin2Mpy is a Python Bin to Mp4 converter that injects MP4 files with payloads for Wii U Dann Thread git
PowerPC Assembly Compiler GUI A PPC Assembly compiler BullyWiiPlaza Thread
Wut A Toolchain / SDK to create RPX files for your homebrew projects Exjam, shinyquagsire23 git