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This is a general list of all homebrew applications available for the Nintendo WiiU. Feel free to edit this list if you notice anything missing. Please add new entries in alphabetical order.

Applications Games Emulators Demos Exploits


Homebrew Loaders Backup Loaders System Tools Utilities Other applications

Homebrew Loaders

Title Description Author Thread Source
Homebrew Launcher First Homebrew loader with a graphical interface. Similar look to The Homebrew Channel on Wii. Dimok Thread git
5.5.X ELF Loader An Elf file loader based on Fix94's libwiiu version. Expands available memory up to 32MB. NWPlayer123 Thread Thread
WiiU ELF Loader Loads an elf file from SD card. Incomplete. Part of LibWiiU examples. Fix94 MrRean git git

Homebrew Forwarders

(And other channels)

Title Description Author Thread Source
Loadiine GX2 forwarder A WiiU Channel forwarding to sd:/wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2/loadiine_gx2.elf Brienj Thread none yet, based on HBL channel
WiiU2HBC A WiiU Channel forwarding to sd:/wiiu/apps/hbl2hbc/hbl2hbc.elf Brienj Thread none yet, based on HBL channel

Game Loaders

Title Description Author Thread Source
Emuliine Virtual console injector. Mod of Loadiine 4.0, loads VC ROM files at launch instead of injecting them into memory like other tools. N1ghty Unreleased/Proof of concept
Loadiine The first backup loader for WiiU games. Launches extracted games located on SD card. covers Loadiine v1.0a to v4.0 Golden45, Dimok Thread Git
Loadiine GX2 Newer loadiine version. Contains a new Graphical User Interface using WiiU GX2 libraries. Dimok Thread Git
OurLoader A region free WiiU Disc loader, based on ddd by Dimok. Coc4tm Thread Git

Firmware patchers

Title Description Author Thread Source
Custom Firmware Booter A Homebrew used to reload the console using a different fw.img Wiiubru team Thread Git
Haxchi Homebrew forwarder and custom firmware loader. Replaces an official installed NDS VC game channel. Smealum, Fix94 Thread git
CBHC CFW A custom firmware designed with coldboot feature. fix94 See here
Haxchi direct A fork of CBHC with removed features. It only patch sigcheck and region. Does NOT work with coldboot. fix94, Kohmei See here
IOSUHax The first CFW, developed by Smealum and released in May 2016. Patched fw.img and custom firmware Booter are required. Smealum, Dimok, fix94 See here
Mocha Based on Simple signature patcher, adds a menu to select which patches will be applied (sysNAND, redNAND, etc.) Dimok See here
Simple Signature Check Patcher The first released CFW patching the memory instead of reloading a pre-compiled patched fw.img. Dimok See here

System Tools

Title Description Author Thread Source
ddd A WiiU title's data dumper. Dumps content, save, aoc, meta folders, and memory loaded rpx/rpl from code folder. Dimok Thread Git
Disc2app A WiiU disc dumper, dumping to SD in encrypted .app format. Combines WUDump and WUD2app in one homebrew. Eyekey Thread Git
Dumpiine Dump game's RPX and RPL. Golden45 Thread
FS Dumper Dump all the NAND files from slc and mlc to SD card. Crediar twitter
FT2SD File tree 2 SD lets you browse the WiiU file system and dump the folders recursively to SD card. Dimok Thread Git
IOSU-reboot A ROP IOSU userland exploit & homebrew for HBL to reboot the WiiU. Hillary_Clinton Thread Source in Thread
Loadiine xml dumper Dump XML values from memory needed for Loadiine v4.0 and newer. Dimok Link
NNU Patcher Patcher to bypass the update verification function allowing eShop access on Spoofed consoles. Fix94 Thread Git
OTP by IOSU Display per-console OTP information. DO NOT SHARE YOUR OTP INFORMATION. Donald_Trump Thread Source in Thread
OTP2SD dumper Dump OTP binary data to SD card. Dimok Git
SaveMii Manage multiple WiiU savegames directly from the console. SaveMii Mod, which doesn't require Mocha CFW, got merged recently. Ryuzaki_MrL, Mod by Gaby Thread Git, Mod merged
Saviine Manage WiiU savegames from a computer's server. Extract from WiiU to SD card and inject back the savegames files. Maschell Thread Git
SEEPROM2SD Dump SEEPROM binary data to SD card. Dimok Thread Git
Tik2SD Extract all the tickets from the console or a WiiU disc to the SD card. Fix94 Thread Git
WiiU NAND Dumper Dumps WiiU NANDs (SLC, SLCCMPT and MLC) to binary files on SD card with correct ECC data. eyeKey Thread Git
WUDump Dump WiiU disc to WUD image file. Fix94 Thread Git
WUP Installer Manually install NUS downloaded titles to WiiU. Limited to Game updates and version.bin title. Crediar Thread Official website Git
WUP Installer (HBL) Manually install NUS downloaded titles to WiiU. Limited to Game updates and version.bin title. Crediar, Dimok Thread Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
Cafiine Redirects file access from disc to network. Allows game modding by replacing files in realtime.
FTPiiU, and FTPiiU_everywhere fork. FTP server to manage SD card content from your computer. ftpii port from Wii. Dimok Thread, Thread Git, Git
Geckiine TCPGecko and Cafiine combined together. OatmealDome Thread git
HBL2HBC Boot from wiiu HBL into vwii HBC Fix94 Thread git
Homebrew App Store Download and manage your homebrew located on SD card directly from your WiiU. vgmoose Thread git
LameIRCu An IRC Client for the WiiU, using an USB Keyboard. brienj Thread None yet, soon here git
TCPGecko Realtime debugger and memory editor using TCP to communicate with the computer. Needs PyGecko or Gecko dot net on computer. Chadderz Post link
WiiALARMu A simple alarm for the WiiU. opendata thread Git
Wii U Menu Sort Sorts the icons displayed on the System menu alphabetically. Yardape8000 thread Git
WUPHax Install HBC on vWii from WiiU mode! No more game disc required to install The Homebrew Channel on vWii. Fix94 thread Git

Other applications

Title Description Author Thread Source
AOC Patcher A WiiU patcher to redirect DLC path to SD card. MasQchips git
AOC Patcher mod A WiiU patcher to redirect DLC path to WiiU internal savegame folder. yardape8000 Thread git
gc-to-vpad A WiiU patcher to replace the gamepad input with the gamecube adapter. Fix94 Thread git
HID to vpad A WiiU patcher to replace the gamepad input with many USB-HID controllers, adapters, keyboards and mice. Maschell Thread git
Padcon A WiiU patcher for the gamepad. Press R3 to shutdown/enable the display. Touch screen is still active when display is OFF. Maschell git


Arcade Rogue Other Games


Title Description Author Thread Source
AstUroids A Space shooter game Brienj Thread
Flappy Bird GX2 A Flappy bird clone rw-r-r_0644 Thread git
Pong Obligatory Pong version for WiiU Relys Link
Snake And a snake version for WiiU eliboa Thread git
Space game A space shooter game vgmoose Thread git
Pac Man Port of pacman ryuutseku85 Thread


Title Description Author Thread Source
[email protected] An ASCII-looking Rogue-like game. SonyUSA Thread

Other Games

Title Description Author Thread Source
MysteriU A More-or-less game. ryuutseku85 Link Included
Super Dev Clicker ! A button pressing game. Goal of the Game: Whine and Cry to Hykem until he releases IOSU exploit! SonyUSA Link
U-Paint A simple paint version. brienj Thread


Consoles Handhelds Computers Arcade emulators Other emulators


Title Description Author Thread Source
LiteNESU A NES emulator working in user mode. Based off LiteNES. quarktheawesome Thread Git
LiteNESU-16-in-1 NES emulator, port of quarktheawesome's with 16 built-in roms. Runs in userspace, only for 5.5.x Brienj Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
Gacubeboy Emulator with IOSU Hack A Gacubeboy gameboy emulator. Written in 8H00 as coding meme demo. Doesn't have sound. Brienj Thread
WiiU GBiine A Gameboy/color emulator, works on homebrew launcher. Port of Heig-boy for Windows. seagal112 Thread

Multi platform emulators

Title Description Author Thread Source
Retroarch WiiU A Multicore emulator. Port of Retroarch for the WiiU. Multi developers Thread git, git


Title Description Author Thread Source
CHIP-8 Emulator A CHIP-8 emulator. rw-r-r_0644 Thread
CHIP-8/SCHIP-8 GX2 Emulator A CHIP-8 emulator using the WiiU GX2 graphic engine. rw-r-r_0644, Brienj Thread

Arcade emulators

Title Description Author Thread Source
Centipede Centipede Arcade emulator seagal112 Thread


Hello worlds Demoscene Other Demos

Hello worlds

Title Description Author Thread Source
Examples for the Homebrew launcher Hello world examples to compile homebrew to use with The Homebrew Launcher. Dimok git
HelloWorld-Easy An easy Hello world examples based on Dimok's version. rw-r-r-0644 git
LibwiiU exemples A set of examples provided with libWiiU (hello world, launch, exit, devices, graphics, etc.) multi users git
Multi-Homebrew A multi-in-one homebrew demos. Hello world, gamepad button test, etc. NexoCube thread

Other Demos

Title Description Author Thread Source
Colored Cube A GX2 example in C Dimok Thread Download link
Live Sound Synthesis A sound generating application using sndcore2. QuarkTheAwesome Thread git
Mii-Test-U A gamepad testing application. Voxel Studios Thread Download link


Title Description Author Thread Source
Boat1hax Failed April fool joke (released in January) faking a full coldboot solution. Actually a Audio/Video player playing Rick Astley. QuarkTheAwesome Deleted Thread unreleased?
IOSU Title Deleter A fake, joked, system file deleter. rw-r-r_0644 thread unreleased
boot0 race attacker A fake boot0 race attack, that after being enabled from the server will always success and turn all the menu icons into Reggie until a reboot rw-r-r_0644 thread git

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