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Hello worlds

Title Description Author Thread Source
Examples for the Homebrew launcher Hello world examples to compile homebrew to use with The Homebrew Launcher. Dimok git
HelloWorld-Easy An easy Hello world examples based on Dimok's version. rw-r-r-0644 git
LibwiiU exemples A set of examples provided with libWiiU (hello world, launch, exit, devices, graphics, etc.) multi users git
Multi-Homebrew A multi-in-one homebrew demos. Hello world, gamepad button test, etc. NexoCube thread

Other Demos

Title Description Author Thread Source
Colored Cube A GX2 example in C Dimok Thread Download link
Live Sound Synthesis A sound generating application using sndcore2. QuarkTheAwesome Thread git
Mii-Test-U A gamepad testing application. Voxel Studios Thread Download link


Title Description Author Thread Source
Boat1hax Failed April fool joke (released in January) faking a full coldboot solution. Actually a Audio/Video player playing Rick Astley. QuarkTheAwesome Deleted Thread unreleased?
IOSU Title Deleter A fake, joked, system file deleter. rw-r-r_0644 thread unreleased
boot0 race attacker A fake boot0 race attack, that after being enabled from the server will always success and turn all the menu icons into Reggie until a reboot rw-r-r_0644 thread git