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OSW's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.


Once upon time the lord of all things GBA, Rose from his throne and exclaimed "LET THERE BE TEMP" and thus gbatemp was formed. As a result, For an undefined length of time, life was spectacular and his followers loved him greatly. But as was expected of the Great Leader Kim Jong I MEAN he who was spontaneously created of the full name "Gamious Boyius Avdancius", The Great Leader soon became bored. He turned to his loyal followers for suggestions, and to little surprise the bravest and handsomest of the land in the NDS (North Dual Sea) stepped forward. Born in Australia the land of kangaroo and Christened "Hercules", he had faced a grueling childhood. But miraculously, as he came of age 16, a warp portal appeared before his very eyes which lead him to the true lord's world. Realising his true destiny he rejected his previous faith and became a gbatemper, changing his username to OSW. Now, this brave lad stepped forward and then yelled "I have an Idea my lord, Let me create for you a fine painting showing you in all your glory, for you would then be able to stare at it forever more, as your unfaltering beauty will always entrance!". The lord gleefully responded "Oh! what a wonderful idea OSW, i simply cannot stand to see it, when might it be finished?". The lad replied "for you, tommorow". The duo's conversation slowly wound down and before dusk they were gone. The next morning OSW trekked up to the lord's castle where the lord himself sat in his throne. OSW spoke confidently "Today my kind celebrate an event called 'Valentine's Day' in which our love released. Prepare your majesty, for this will stun even yourself!" Behind him, thousands of gbatempers combined their strength to lift the great work inside. Finally, It was hung, and the crowd sang "We WUV U!". It was revealed.