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Custom Firmwares

See also: WiiU CFWs
  • Coldboot = Compatible with Coldboothax. Can be loaded at console's launch using system.xml
  • sysNAND= System NAND, the memory located on the console
  • red = Redirected (the action or accessing the data on another location)
  • redNAND = Redirected NAND, the NAND copy located on SD card
  • OTP = One time Programmable chipset, contains console's unique keys.
  • SEEPROM = Chipset which contains specific console's key, like current USB HDD key.

Title Coldboot sysNAND redNAND redOTP redSEEPROM SignPatch Region free IOSNode Description Author Thread Source
Simple signature check patcher Patch signature check and return to sysNAND or HBL. Dimok Thread Source