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Game Compatibility Table for USB/SD Loading

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  1. Make sure your USB device works and is stable before reporting games that don't work. See USB Devices Compatibility List
  2. Make sure your USB device isn't overheating due to long usage when reporting crashes.
  3. Make sure you don't just have a bad dump (bad game copy). If it's a game others have given a green light, that is a strong possibility. Throw away the game iso and reload from an uncorrupted source.
  4. Other USB devices, especially USB LAN adapter, might interfere with the loader. When testing, unplug the LAN adapter and delete the "Wired Connection" profile if the wifi-enabled game freezes.
  5. If your game uses USB peripheral game controllers (guitars, mics, etc.) check out the Rock Guide
  6. Some games seem to require a disc (any game) in the drive to work. When testing, first try without any disc in the drive. If it only works with a disc in the drive, add that in the Notes column.
  7. Think you need the Anti-002 fix? You probably don't.
  8. For more troubleshooting information, read WiiPower's Compatibility Guide.

IOS Base and EmuNAND

  1. Most games should work with a cIOS using either base56 or base57, but very few games might require one specific base, sometime neither 56 nor 57.
  2. If a game is not compatible, you might want to verify if it requires any specific IOS Base first.
  3. If a game is not compatible, try different IOS bases, and if base56 or base57 don't work then update the IOS Base compatibility list too.
  4. Some disc based games might not work if emuNAND is enabled. Be sure to disable emuNAND option from your loader when testing a game.


  1. Please mention what loader and version you are using in the "notes" section if you are having an issue.
  2. If a game is working it doesn't always make it green, as titles marked green should be/are 99.9-100% compatible. See color chart below.
  3. The Notes section is only for quirks regarding the way the game plays with the loader. Notes like 'Works Great' are not needed and simply add clutter.
  4. Regarding regions, please don't take an existing entry and completely change the region - start a new entry, or add it ALONG with the existing region.
  5. Extended Information to be placed at the bottom of the page, only for games that are marked as not working for most people, but working for some. only people who have it working should post info.
  6. If you are the first person to add a game then the confirmed column should read 0 (as it is unconfirmed). Every person should then add 1 to that when they have tested it as working and change the confirmation date.
Compatibility Legend Class (?)
Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. ct-works
Games that work almost 100% and are playable but have some issues like missing textures or crashes after doing certain in-game action not supposed to be done (a intentional bug for example). ct-minor
Games that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the game). ct-issues
Games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups. ct-broken
Unknown status. Game has not been tested, or the test results were unclear. ct-noresult

To add an entry, copy and paste the following into a new line

{{USB Game Compatibility Table/Table Entry | Name= | Result= | Region= | GameID= | Size= | Notes= | Confirmed= | Date= }}

Table format

{{USB Game Compatibility Table/Table Entry | Name=Game Name | Result=Works/ Issues/ Not Working or Green/ Orange/ Red | Region=NTSC-U/ NTSC-J/ PAL or U/J/E | GameID=GameID | Size=Size | Notes=Your Notes. Use {{!}} instead of | to seperate your notes from previous edits | Confirmed=+1 | Date=Todays Date. Must be in the form of 5 ~'s ie: ~~~~~. Past dates can be entered in Day Month Year format ie 10/03/2010, 10Mar2010 or 10 March 2010}}


Game Name Result Region GameID Size Notes Conf. Date
A Boy and His Blob Works NTSC-U SBLE5G 1.08G 0 23Jun2014
A Boy and His Blob Works PAL SBLP5G 1.08G In some scenes necessarly to force NTSC even on PAL 3
A Shadow's Tale Works PAL SDWP18 1.05G Works perfectly with IOS 250 on USB Loader GX, works perfectly with standard settings (and IOS 249) on Configurable USB Loader. 1 05Jul2011
Academy of Champions: Soccer Works PAL R5FP41  ??? 1
ACDC Live: Rock Band Track Pack Works NTSC-U R33E69 2.67G 1
ACDC Live: Rock Band Song Pack Works PAL R33P69 2.52G cIOS38 rev 14 - USB Mic works fine. (OLD: Only Guitar works - drums/mic turn off when game starts) 1
Action Girlz Racing Works PAL RGYPUG 0.08G 1
Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None Works NTSC-U RQTE6U 1.70G USB Loader GX rev1079 ISO249 Rev 17 1 04Jan2011
Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None Works PAL RQTP6V 2.81G 1
Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun Works NTSC-U RQTEEU 2.20G USB Loader GX rev1079 ISO249 Rev 17 1 04Jan2011
Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun Works PAL RQEP6V 2.50G 1
Agent Hugo Hula Holiday Works PAL R3HP6Z 0.56G USB Loader 1.5 0
Agent Hugo Lemoon Twist Works PAL RHGX6Z 1.31G USB Loader 1.5 0
Alice In Wonderland Works PAL SALP4Q 3.81G Runs perfectly with Cfg USB Loader v52bx2 IOS249 Rev17 1 03Mar2010
Alien Monster Bowling League Works NTSC-U SABENR 2.22G USB Loader GX rev1079 ISO249 Rev 17 1 04Jan2011
Alien Syndrome Works NTSC-U RLSE8P 1.41G 1
Aliens in the Attic Works PAL RUOPPL  ??? 0
All Star Cheerleader Works PAL RCXP78 3.57G v1.5 0
All Star Cheer Squad Works NTSC-U RXE78 3.17G 4.2U Cfg USB Loader 52b w/ Defaults 0 11Feb2010
Alone in the Dark Works NTSC-U RRKE70 3.97G V 1.1 0
Alone in the Dark Works PAL RRKP70 3.93G USB Loader GX rev714 IOS249 (rev14) 0
Alvin & The Chipmunks Works PAL RVBPRS 2.12G 0
AMF Bowling: Pinbusters Works NTSC-U RMFE68 0.15G 1
AMF Bowling: Pinbusters Works PAL RMFP68 0.13G 2
AMF Bowling: World Lanes Works NTSC-U R6WE68 0.44G USB Loader 1.5 Cfg 31c / Rev13 0
AMF Bowling: World Lanes Works PAL R6WP68 0.44G cios rev14 and USB Loader GX rev 747 0
Animal Crossing: City Folk Works NTSC-U RUUE01 0.32G Use 1.1 or above(1.0 has a bug with the time). Works 100% on 1.1 or higher. If your HDD goes to sleep, dialogs and such will take a while to load since it has to wake it back up. Will occasionally get "data is corrupted on all usb loaders". Just restart console and it'll be fine. Turn WiiConect24 OFF if you get freezes. / WiiConect24 works with old IOS36 rev9. Works 100% with WiiConnect24 on using CoverFloader (No Freezes whatsoever), and with rev14. USB Keyboards work with a cIOS with base 38 10
Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City Works PAL RUUP01 0.33G Use 1.1 or above (1.0 has a bug with the time). / Turn WiiConnect24 OFF if you get freezes. / WiiConect24 works with old IOS36 rev9 8
Anno: Create a New World Works PAL RN4P41 1.18G 002 Fix for certain cases 5
Another Code R: Kioku no Tobira Not Working NTSC-J RNOJ01 4.1G Works until about 20 mins in where during a split screen section, the bottom screen freezes while the top screen keeps working. Very strange bug. 0
Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories Works PAL RNOP01 4.04G Freezes with 64KB cluster size on ringing doorbells. 4
Anubis II Works NTSC-U RNVE5Z 0.09G V1.1 0
Aqua Panic! Works PAL RO9PNK 0.72G 1
Arc Rise Fantasia Works NTSC-J RPJJ99  ??? Works great using latest wiiflow 2.2 with Ciosx20 Base 57 0
Arc Rise Fantasia Works NTSC-U RPJE7U 3.39G PAL users update to CIOSX Rev 19 ,with custom ios 250 and a base of 57. download wiiflow r92a-WiiFlow_250, go into game settings and select IOS 250 otherwise the game wil freeze in jada using GX havn't tested it in anything else but it works in wiiflow. [edit] neogamma beta 44 with ios 257 makes it work past Jada. 2
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Works NTSC-U R5GE78 0.28G V1.1 0
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: Back to School Works NTSC-U SA5E78 0.24G USB Loader GX rev1079 ISO249 Rev 17 1 04Jan2011
Arcade Shooting Gallery Works NTSC-U R74E20 0.68G USB Loader GX rev1079 ISO249 Rev 17 1 04Jan2011
Army Men: Soldiers Of Misfortune Works PAL RKYP7J  ??? 0
Army Men: Soldiers Of Misfortune Works NTSC-U RKYE20 0.43G V1.1 0
Ashes Cricket 2009 Works/ Issues PAL R6KP36 0.67G Works fine on IOS 223. The game crashes when you create a new profile from the usbloader (222 IOS). However it works great if you already have a savegame in your wii. 4
Asterix at the Olympic Games Works PAL RQXP70 3.63G 1
Athletic Piggy Party Works PAL R4LXUG 0.18G 3
Avatar: Into The Inferno Works NTSC-U RV9E78 1.38G 0
Avatar: The Last Airbender Works NTSC-U RV9E78 1.00G 0


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